The Introverted Influencer

Dealing with Flops & Failures

April 01, 2022 Erica Van Slyke Season 1 Episode 9
The Introverted Influencer
Dealing with Flops & Failures
Show Notes

While I consider my six-figure blog to be an overall success, only about 8 percent of my actual blog posts have been "hits". 

Given these stats, it is safe to say that I am no stranger to flops and failures.  After all, that is what the majority of my blog has been. 

However,  the real flex to maintaining a positive outlook on my entrepreneurial journey has been cultivating the coping skills required to handle embarrassing and/or discouraging moments with utter grace and detachment . 

 In this episode, I am sharing some ways you can do this yourself!

 **All my fellow mamas out there: I am a potty-mouth,  so you may want to listen with headphones on!**

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